Exceptional Designs, Lifetime Homes

Bondi Developments Ltd. understands the importance of maintaining a high standard of workmanship, our focus is on the quality of homes we build, rather than the number of homes we build. We take pride in each element of the homes we build, the design and materials, through to the finishing touches.  Our commitment to personalized service, and dedication to the end result, are apparent at each step in the building of your new home.

Bondi Spec homes include many upgraded finishes such as finished basement and garage, infloor heat, air conditioning, hardwood flooring, granite countertops, fireplaces and maintenance free decks.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional design for your lifetime home

Models & Plans:

Choose from our variety of floor plans featuring Bungalows, Bi-Levels, Modified Bi-Levels and Two Storey homes. We combine quality and style in the decor, working with soft earth tones in our spec homes that can be jazzed up to meet anyone’s style.


Bungalow - 1106 sq. ft.

Bi-level - 1272 sq. ft.

Bi-level - 1332 sq. ft.


Two-storey - 1600 sq. ft.

Two-storey - 1721 sq. ft.

Two-storey - 1721 sq. ft.


Split Level - 1932 sq. ft.


Two Storey - 2301 sq. ft.

House for sale in the Evergreen area of Saskatoon at 238 Mahabir Court.

Two-storey - 2080 sq. ft.


Bungalow - 1262 sq. ft.

Bungalow - 1446 sq. ft.


Mod Bi-level - 1660 sq. ft.


Mod Bi-level - 1830 sq. ft.

Two-storey - 2130 sq. ft.

Two-storey - 2372 sq. ft.

Two-storey - 1747 sq. ft.